Family Law

Family Law is a complex field with every case differing in its needs. It can be a difficult time for you and your family and our experienced lawyers will provide the right advice at a cost-effective price. We aim to achieve a prompt resolution to your family law dispute with compassion and understanding. We can provide assistance in all aspects of marriage, divorce, and de-facto separations including settlement agreements, parenting plans, recovery orders, child support and spousal maintenance.

Most family law matters can be resolved through mediation and negotiation and it is our aim to help resolve your issues limiting the need for litigation. However, if your matter does need to go to trial, our family lawyers are experienced in the

Family Court and the Federal Court Circuit.

We offer tailored family law advice and representation in all areas of family law. We understand the complexities of contemporary family life and tailor our service to your unique circumstances. Our approach is conciliatory and settlement focused. We will protect and promote your rights and interests, and the rights and interests of your children. We are clear and effective advocates and will represent you with skill and diligence.