About Us

Ashley, Francina, Leonard & Associates ("AFL Solicitors") is a newly formed boutique firm located in Barangaroo, Sydney. We practice in areas such as: Criminal Law, Family Law, Commercial, Property Law and Human Rights

Tony Nikolic (General Manager)


Tony is a proactive, hard-working and highly accomplished Lawyer and Criminologist with a great passion for learning about law and providing efficient and effective legal aid to clients to achieve favorable outcomes. Committed to social justice, he consistently offers pro bono legal work and devotes a portion of his time to disadvantaged persons; aiming to make a positive difference in their lives whilst contributing to the betterment of society. He also has a background in both criminology and whistleblower protections and is knowledgeable, as he is humble and kind and does not promise anything he can not deliver.

“As a legal practitioner in a fast paced, ever changing environment, I am dedicated to continuous professional development and eager to broaden my existing knowledge and learn new skills to achieve organisational objectives. I am constantly analysing processes and conducting legal research to identify gaps, develop improvements and implement solutions to diverse challenges in the legal practice. With a proactive approach to problem solving and a strong client and quality service focus, I am capable of taking initiative and making decisions to maintain a high standard of practice and further improve the quality of services offered by the organisation to which I belong.

I am analytical, solution focused, trustworthy and self-motivated, with an exceptional drive and enthusiasm. Having worked with clients from diverse backgrounds and collaborated with stakeholders at every level, I have enhanced my natural communication and networking skills. I thrive on working in a team environment and joining efforts to overcome obstacles and achieve organisational goals while maintaining positive working relationships conducive to continuous improvement.”